Asanda Madikane is a South African singer and songwriter better known as ASNDA. Her international appeal is her catchy Pop/Rnb storytelling lyricism with influences of Hip Hop, Soul and cinema. Braided with themes of love, female empowerment, and take-no nonsense badass. She rises to stand in high advantage as an international recognizable music artist. Her performances are both moving and exhilarating leaving nothing of herself unguarded and unexplained. Bringing you into her world.

ASNDA releases her debut music video May 2020.


Asanda Madikane is a South African singer, songwriter, business woman and film director. who had been recognised for her various styles and reinventing her image through her career.  

Born and raised in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, she moved from Johannesburg to Belgium to explore her career in music. 

ASNDA started her career at the release of her first covers Single, Whiskey and You (2017) followed by EP, Pieces of Me (2017). The song expressed her dynamic range in pop and RnB. ASNDA gained significant recognition following the release of her single Better than You (2018). The catchy upbeat pop track got her noticed in the Belgium music scene and international appeal. The singles, Waiting for you (2018)  and  I am (2018) showcased her dynamic vocal range and her cinematic  storytelling influence. In January 2019, the single Pata Pata (2019) introduced a more sultry, RnB lounge beat that became a top favourite to her fans. These four releases revealed the musical personality that would make the Sweet-Badass that consolidated ASNDA's onstage persona during her Summer 2019 residency at Restauration Nouvelle. Followed by the much-loved Christmas song, On Christmas (2019) that is sure to be a  continuous new festive season favourite. She continued to delighted her fans with her favourite time of the year, with a 6 track Christmas EP, On Christmas Piano (2019)

ASNDA is currently working on her album of her music and the release of the her debut music video in 2020. 


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On Christmas

On Christmas Piano EP

On Christmas

Pata Pata


Mary Did You Know? (Piano)




Waiting For You


Better With You - Single


Pieces of Me - EP


Whiskey and You - Single